Welcome to Oakenleaf – Shamanic healing practice near Perth, Scotland

Welcome to this website of Oakenleaf. A shamanic healing practice with Brian Anderson based outside the city of Perth in Scotland. I offer personal sessions, workshops and sacred activism events.

Shamanism is a method of healing that is able to address the core of challenges we may be facing – be they emotional, mental, spiritual or physical. The healing focuses on the root of the problem, opens up to solutions to resolve this, and enable a new way forward.

Over the years people have come for many reasons, and I have worked effectively on a number of issues including:

  • resolving trauma
  • emotional challenges
  • dealing with grief and loss as well as supporting those facing death
  • dealing with a long-term illness or stress
  • problems with depression, anxiety, fear, issues with self-esteem and un-supportive beliefs
  • support when feeling stuck in life or going through a time of transition
  • working on creative projects to manifest ideas
  • as part of a personal development programme.

I came to shamanism in much the same way that you are now. This was in 2004 as part of my own healing and in truth my life has never been the same since. It continues to lead me deeper into my essence, bringing resources to express this, which has led to greater health, wellbeing, fulfilment and a more natural way of life.

I trained here in the UK with the Sacred Trust and Foundation for Shamanic Studies, as well as with Sandra Ingermann and at Anam Cara with Twobirds Cunningham. I also have learnt with a number of indigenous Teachers that grew up with these ways from the Americas and my heart’s home in Ireland. I am currenlty learning about and researching the traditional healing ways and spirituality of this land.

I do believe our world can be a better place, this belief comes from hard won experience and from this I am able to uphold a vision of a culture that supports all life. The key to this I believe lies within each of us taking the responsibility to come to our own unique essence or nature, and then expressing our uniqueness in the world as we come to see ourselves as nature.

Shamanism offers a way back to this possibility along with establishing a life-supporting connection as we enter the healing process to let go of all we are not and bring through all that we are. I do not underestimate the courage and support this quest requires and have a sincere respect for those that step forward.

Sessions can be in person or at a distance to book or find out more as well as to see if shamanism and the way I work are what you are looking for, please do contact me details on the contact page.

Shamanism and You

When we meet, the most important thing for me is to welcome you to the session explain the work to come. I will listen deeply to your words, which in itself can be healing, as well as the energy that feed the words you share. I will also will answer and invite you to bring any questions you may have.

The core of my work, in your healing, is to listen to the helping spirits, who have a greater view across our life. It is they that bring healing and guidance for us, enabling us to move towards a greater potential.

To talk about shamanism without talking of spirit would be like an electrician denying the existence of electricity. The spirits do not see us in our perceived failings, but in our authentic and powerful nature, and guide us towards this.

When I talk about shamanism with people, I often find there is a sense of familiarity that comes through, as if the act of speaking about it unlocks a memory within our psyche – this maybe because it has been such a part our history. It is likely that your own ancestors would have experienced these ways at some time.

The word “shaman” comes from the Tungus language of Siberia; however, it has been practised in a local form, across all cultures, throughout the world, including here in Europe. It translates roughly as “the one who sees”, “the one who knows”, or “the one that can see in the dark”.

What it is that they see, and know well it is the spirit world. Shamans would develop trusting relationship with helping spirits as partners in their healing work.

So, what are these spirits? My understanding, like everything, is evolving with my experiences; Today I feel that what we are connecting with, and call “spirit”, is the wisdom and intelligence that creates, sustains and supports life.

Using shamanic methods this wisdom can be communicated with as we access the healing and guidance available to find solutions to the challenges we face, and questions that we bring. one of the most amazing benefits for me in practising shamanism is to feel how supported we actually are.

The spirits present themselves in ways we can relate to, for example as “power animals”. As we develop a working relationship with this spirit, we ask for what we need; as we bring this guidance out into our everyday lives and see results, we develop trust in the method and our relationship with spirit.

I am, though, aware that trying to define something such as this is really difficult, and there also is a great mystery to spirit that can only come to be understood through direct encounter. Though I can say from experience that if you work in partnership with spirit, your life will change and new opportunities will emerge.

From a shamanic perspective, the word “power” means that we are with spirit. To be “disempowered” from a shamanic perspective would to be with our perceived limitations and fear.

This power, though, is not over others, but self-mastery as we come to know ourselves in a deeper way. Our healing is not in isolation, but ripples out into our communities. This is not only people, but the land we walk upon and all life upon it.

One thing I know, through hard-won personal experience, is that it is possible to transform our lives. This happens when our willingness and openness to change meets supportive conditions, and when this happens so much more is possible.

My role as a practitioner is to create those conditions for you, and your responsibility after the session is to step back into your life in a different way – all that you need to do this will come through in the session, and will support and guide you.

Me and Why I do this work?

The insights and understandings that have come to me since living with shamanism have enabled me to make sense of my life and as I look back across this tapestry, I can see why we fit well.

I seemed to understand almost immediatly  our connection with the natural world and that all was not well. From a young age I was concerned for how we were treating the planet and each other, like I was born with a understanding that all was alive and sacred built into me.

With  no one around to support me in this understanding, its fair to say my life led a course that has been far from conventional as I looked to make sense of what was going on within me and in the world.

I came to my own healing path with good reason at the age 30 and by exploring a number of spiritual paths I came to find a world that was talking my hearts language. Now at the age of 50 my own path is well integrated and clear, though of course ever evolving.

Many of my own challenges have been resolved and the more I came to heal the more the question came what do I do with all these expereinces? Back full circle to how I came into the world and shamansims as a way I can express my heart’s song that all is alive and all is sacred.

I am trained as a counsellor, graduated from the University of West of England, and have worked in a variety of settings such as the NHS, in restorative justice, in schools and education and also in a number of voluntary and community projects and have a broad expereince across all age ranges and issues.

I have been working with individuals and groups with shamansims since 2008 and feel that working in this way opens us to a new story of humanity and our relationship with the earth, one that is needed to bring a balance to the unnatural way of the modern world, which is leading to many problems for us persoanlly and collectivly.

Many of the challenges in my life I now feel have become a strength for me, as from this I can bring a understanding and empathy for others and also hold hope of what is possible for us when we are willing to open up and create new stories.

I have a gentle and supportive nature and offer a compassionate space to listnen and find solutions to what ever it is you are experiencing and feel shamanism offers a creative and beautiful way to bring us home to our nature.


Your Session

Sessions are held in a dedicated space, created and built by listening to spirit, so that the building can be in harmony with the land it lives on.

When we make a decision to change or let go of something, the healing process will have already begun, as we ask and become open to something new and different to come forward into our lives and awareness.

Arranging a session can be seen as a commitment to the decision you have made, as you are taking action to follow this through. The session will then become a part of your healing process. As with all healing, it is driven by your intention, and is an active process asking for your participation.

Therefore, it will be helpful to prepare with some simple practices to support you before we meet. I have found this helps the session greatly, and I encourage you to engage with them:

Firstly, to be with nature and on the land as much as possible before the session. While out there, try to sense that, as you go, you are being seen by nature itself – there you may wish to ask and contemplate the following questions.

  • Why am I coming to shamanism at this time?
  • What is it I am looking for, or need to change or let go of?
  • What is my vision and feeling of how I would like my life to be?
  • Is there anything that concerns me about working in this way?

The asking is as important as getting the answer, as it opens us up, so do not worry if you do not have complete clarity. It will also help to be aware of dreams you have, and any synchronicities or omens you encounter.

Finally, the night before we meet, as you go to sleep ask for a dream that will support you in our work the next day. As you wake, take a moment to give thanks for your life and all that is to come.

There really is no typical session; each is a unique meeting, and I work with each person in different ways, depending on your needs, and by asking and listening to spirit. Together we co-create the session; my role is to act as a facilitator and holder of the space, and to bring the healing through to you from spirit.

There will be time to talk and let you settle when you arrive, and again afterwards there will be a time to talk, and to share any healing stories and practices, to support the integration of the healing as well as to make sure you’re ready and grounded, as you re-engage with your life now in a new and different way.

Sessions tend to last an hour and a half to two hours, though I will always work with your process as it unfolds, which may be more or less in this time frame.

I feel it is important to support you both before and after, so once we have both committed to the session, I am here to support you to help integrate the work done and answer any questions or to listen to your experiences.

I offer sessions on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and I ask the fee of £65 for my time. Please bring cash or a cheque on the day. I do offer a reduced fee of £45 if your circumstances are such.

I also offer a healing day or days, which gives an opportunity to really deepen into and bring through what is needed for you at this time. These have been useful for people in times of transition or going through a, or desiring change of direction in life.

We will work together for your healing needs throughout the day as well as how to enhance wellbeing and with the integration of your spiritual life into the everyday. Please contact me to talk through your needs and for further details, the fee per day is £130.

Sacred Activism

What we may call a spiritual life is often with paradox so while we cannot change our world as we change and heal ourselves we change the world, Thus we become that change we desire which ripples out to touch life as we create what we wish for.

This spiritual life needs to be integrated and rooted in the practical everyday also, shamanism offers us the possibility to open to spiritual solutions for the challenges we collectivly are facing in creative and dynamic ways.

Each of the events below bring us deeper into a sacred relationship with ourselves as nature then from that place of wholeness we hold a vision for what can become and offer this out to manifest.

We open to both personal healing and new possibilities for all life as we listen to the voice of nature as a expression of spirit and work to support this. We work ethically to be clear our actions support the whole and there are no implications for our intentions

No experience is needed, your open heart and willingness is all you are asked to bring. All events can be attended in person or participated in at a distance and all sacred activism events are free to attend; please contact me for further information.

Wolf and Bear Ceremonies

Upcoming dates December 21st 2017 and 15th January 2018 at 7pm

In 2016, while sitting with a river watching salmon leap up the waterfall, I became aware of both the absence and presence of Bear. In following this awareness, and exploring to understand the meaning, I saw the need to honour and see both the Bear and Wolf back on this land, the land which was once their natural home.

If the Bear and Wolf roamed once more, it would transform the land and balance of nature to a more harmonious and natural one, as well as transforming our own relationship with nature.

In doing this work, it has become clear that collectively we may well not ready for this shift in consciousness to happen; however, the doing of this work is essential to pave the way, so that one day the Wolf and Bear will return to their homeland and thus benefit all life we uphold this vision.

When we work in this way personally we are also changed and a expansion of our own conciousness unfolds opening us deeper to our own nature as well as our true place as nature.

I hold regular ceremonies to honour and see the bear and wolf back on this land beyond their spirit presence and essence; if this calls to you do contact me for further details.

To get an understanding of how the return of the wolf has already impacted Yellowstone park in the USA, and to get a clear sense of how this has already benefitted all, this YouTube video is quite something, and explains it beautifully. You can find other videos explaining trophic cascades (the impact on the environment when the top predator is in place) on YouTube if you wish to find out more.


Vigils to and of the Earth

Upcoming dates 22nd December 2017 and 23rd March 2018 at 7pm

These ceremonies are held over 24 hours, we start in the evening at 7pm as all life is born from darkness and work through to the following evening you are invited to attend for the whole duration of this.

We work with the energy of the time of year and traditional ways for this time as we step deeper into becoming nature. With the Autumn Equinox we honour and work with Water, the Winter Solstice Earth, Spring Equniox with Air and Summer Solstice with Fire completing the circle of the year.

We spend our time in prayer, with the drum and with movement, as well as time out on the land, as we follow the flow of the ceremony and go where it leads, with our intention of coming back into balance and harmony with ourselves, each other and ultimately, our home and witness of each step and breath we have ever taken, the earth which we may come to experience we actually are.

Dates are generally around the solstice and equinox time in the circle of the year; do contact me for details and practicalities.


Bee Alchemy Ceremony

Upcoming dates 13th January 2018 at 7pm

The bees are quite extraordinary contributors to the great web that we are all a part of, and we have much to learn from how they live out their lives here on the earth.

This ceremony is different to the other sacred activist events where we are acting from a place of service. Here working with the alchemy of the Bee ceremony: we ask the Bees if they will show and teach us about their ways, living as one and in the way that they do, as part of a community that serves the whole.

Through spiritual practices and shamanic methods, our intention is to unlock this wisdom from within, and be open to an alchemy of our personal consciousness; then to bring this new awareness and way of being into our everyday strengthened from our experiences and learning in the ceremony, as the Bees become our guides by sharing with us their wisdom.

Transfiguration for Animal and Land Sovereignty

Upcoming Dates 30th December 2017 at 7pm

As humanity evolves and we expand our conciousness, what was once acceptable becomes unaceptable and the way we treat ourselves each other, and here I am including animals and the enviroment, needs to change for this expansion to take hold.

A Transfiguration ceremony offers a way to bring this change and become a voice for this evolution . Shown under research and experimental conditions to transform polluted water to fresh drinkable water and discussed at the United Nations when Sandra Ingermann spoke there in July 2006 and documented in her book Medicine for the Earth.

Working to see each other in this true reflection, we then move our awareness to events and practices in the world to witness the divine within. The more we work in this way the more we expand consciousness into a new and sacred relationship with all life.

We work ethically as we are not sending anything or manipulating change but simply by moving our perceptions to see the other in their true and divine nature this opens up the web to transformation.

This is something that really needs to be expereinced to fully appreciate the full possibilities that are availale to us to bring a new way of being for ourselves and all life.