Ripples of Shamanism

I was told this story at the beginning of my learning with shamanism

“A western teacher for a time brought indigenous shamans over to the UK from all across the world to teach workshops. Each time he did this he would get many requests for 1:1 session’s with the visiting shaman. No matter where they were from in the world when he told them about this he would always get one of two responses! Either a look of confusion or side-splitting laughter! ”

The concept of one to one in shamanic cultures is unheard off. This is because they would understand the interconnectedness of us all. The health and wellbeing of each person would be seen as the responsibility of each one of us as would a person’s individuals healing.

So if someone was in need of healing,  all would turn up to support the shaman in his work it was seen as a community event as this persons need would affect each person in the community as indeed it would impact their relationship with the environment, for a true community is all life, people, trees, water, animals, soil, birds, insects, rocks.

Now just take a moment as I invite you to stop reading and ask yourself what this understanding if it was a part of our way, would mean in our modern society? Can you hold a vision for what this could be and how we would interact each day within our communities?

I have been on an active healing path since 1999 and still am. There are challenges that I need to attend too either that I will need to take to the spirits or get help from a trusted friend. I have come to see that to commit to a healing path is a commitment for life.

However as each burden within me is given attention and transformed within the tapestry of my life a ripple goes out,  my life becomes richer and from this grows a deeper connection to all of life and from this, deep respect emerges and from this, a willingness to serve life expands out.

Bees have come to my life over the last years, they come as teachers, not as a honey supply. This story I have shared with you is a way of life for the bee and the more I connect with the way of bees the deeper it takes me into the heart of this story.

Each action I take or word I speak or thought I think it goes out influencing the web of life! Shamanism offers hope for our world, for as the growing experience of a deep connection to all life unfolds, and shamanism offers this possibility the ability to cause harm weakens, as if you bring harm to another (including our earth) you harm yourself, as indeed if bring your love to another you deepen your love to yourself.

Two new dates for workshops have just been finalized, The first in June REMEMBERING OUR SHAMANIC WAY is a weekend Introductory course to shamanic journeying the root of shamanism. The second is a new workshop, CEREMONY FOR EVERYDAY AND EVERYONE held over a Friday night and weekend in July and is an invitation to bring simple ceremony into your daily practice to inspire strengthen and hold you.

Full details are available on the workshop page please contact for booking or with any questions.

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