Me and Why I do this work?

After a number of years exploring various spiritual paths I came to shamanism in 2004, this felt very much like a homecoming for me. I have worked with individuals and groups since 2008 and it has become a practical way of life for me ever since that first encounter.

Over time this has deepened and strengthened my connection and love for the earth, which has been with me since I can remember. It also has opened me to my deeper nature along with empowering me to express this in the everyday world. The practice of shamanism brings me to a life that has meaning and makes sense.

I began my spiritual search in the early 90s at this time I was living with deep traumas and pain which were desperately looking for expression and healing. In this process, and my healing has been a just that, I have come to find peace and understanding from my life’s experiences and with the resulting healing these once deeply distressing events now have become a great strength and resource in the work I offer.

When I am challenged in my own life I can turn to shamanism which offers a different and greater perspective, as well as practical ways to heal grow and resolve issues. I offer my shamanic work in the hope others may experience this too as well as supporting you on your own life’s healing journey.

Previous to my shamanic work I was involved professionally within a health and social care setting for over 30 years; this included working as a counselor, group facilitator and trainer alongside the NHS, a number of charities and in education settings. I also worked with our young people as a restorative justice worker. While I no longer work as a counsellor I uphold the professions ethics in my shamanic work.

Today alongside my shamanic practice I work part-time in a Camphill community grown out of the principles of Anthroposophy developed by Rudolph Steiner.  I am exploring being a companion to Bees which I am learning so much from about literally “being” in life.

I share my home with my wife, cat Lilly and a tortoise Buggle, here we all live just outside Perth city and I just love this amazing land of Scotland. Coming to live here has been another home coming, a move that logically made no sense but intuitively needed to be done, I am glad we all listened to this intuitive call.

I am a music maker playing the guitar, recorder and am learning keyboards. I am also published writing articles on shamanism. I am currently researching traditional healing ways of our land and plan to write more and develop my work and service. I have a daily practice that includes prayer and meditation, shamanic work, walking with nature, exercise and yoga and I practice Ahimsa (the way of non-harm) as well as my creative practices with writing and music.

I trust in this ancient practice of shamanism to bring both benefits to individuals as well as for our wider community and society and wish to share these ways with those that this work call and speaks too.