A regular and varied list of workshops will be here. I am also available to run workshops on request for your group in your location.

In the past, I have worked with groups on such topics as Introductory workshops, healing power in community and strengthening the inner child. Each one is created uniquely for your group with spirit to bring the most benifit. Please contact me for further details.


A life Affirming Practice for the Modern World

March 23rd/24th  2019 10am/5pm

Cost £120/£90 for the Weekend, held near Perth.

“How can shamanism help me in my everyday life?”

The shamanic journey is grounded in cultures practising shamanism. In this 2-day experiential workshop students will learn how to navigate safely the cosmology of shamanism and build effective relationships with your personal helping spirits. This will enable students to unlock wisdom, healing and guidance as a pragmatic and effecitive support for you in your everyday life.

Some of the topics this workshop covers include; lower and upper world Journeys where you will meet you own helping spirits, effective and safe practise of shamanism, developing effective relationships and questions for our journeys, the place of ceremony and community healing. Introduction to working with power, and integrating shamanism into our everyday life.

For booking or with any questions please get in touch.


Friday May 10th, Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th 2019, 10-5pm all three days the cost will be £180/£160

This 3 day workshop is a follow on from the Introductory workshop where students will learn ways to go further into the potential of shamanism for our everyday life as well as a way to serve our communites.

Some of the topics we will cover; a review of journey methods and results, effective middle world journeys, working to develop our personal power and shamanism and healing, shamanism and nature, working with creativity, shamanic practices for living a power filled life, as well as further work with ceremony and ritual and how we can serve our communities with shamanism.

For booking and further questions please get in touch.


Next date for this workshop March 16th/17th 2019 cost £120/£90 for weekend 10am till 5pm held near Perth.

I am really excited to offer this work which has been developed over many years of personal exploration, In this 2 day workshop we are able to recycle the energy of our lives into a more positive flow.

Working to gain a deeper relationship with the power of our thoughts and beliefs it is an opportunity to shine a light on them and see how these are creating our world.

With this awarness we can see if these are supporting or inhibiting the direction we wish our lives to go in. This wisdom gives us an opportunity to work with our helping spirits and within ceremony strengthen that which is supporting us and release that which is not bringing more power to redirect our lives in a way we wish too.

A good grounding in shamanic journeying and a working relationship with your helping spirits are requirements to get the most benefits from this weekend, please contact me for booking and further details.


This 3 hour workshop that can be taken at anytime individually or as a group offers a opening and deepening of a sacred experience with life. Offering a practical and effective method of healing and guidance that you can use in your life as and when needed.

Cultures across the world talk of nature as the visible face of spirit so as we walk we are walking with spirit this is why a walk with presence in nature can be so restorative for us.

You will need to bring with you a question about something that you need support with or that is currently challenging you. There is no need to share this as we will be working to resolve this in a different way with the healing power of the natural world.

Full support and instruction will be given starting with a simple ceremony to prepare and open us to meet the land as a living landscape we then walk with the land in this experience seeking to resolve the issue we are facing. We then return to integrate our expereince and open to knowledge of how to move forward.

If mobility is an issue for you just let me know when booking and we can adapt the workshop to meet your needs. The cost is £55 per person please contact for booking and with any questions.