A regular and varied list of workshops run throughout the year to support you in your spiritual journey. Some are purely shamanic based other workshops will support someone with an interest in nature-based spirituality.


An Introduction to Shamanism as practical support for life.

Saturday 8th June Sunday 9th June 2019 10am/5pm

“The shaman works by asking for help from the spirits, bringing this information back and then doing something with it!”

This for me sums up what shamanism is about and the shamanic journey is one of the methods that the shaman travels in the world of spirit. Working with the shamanic journey is a safe and effective way to support and open up our lives.

Over our time together, you will grow a working knowledge and experience of the shamanic journey and start to build partnerships with your own helping spirits.

The weekend includes, Upper and Lower world Journeys, asking questions of the spirits and learning how to understand the answers given, working with sacred shamanic tools, ethics of journeying and working in ceremony, living with shamanism as a way of life, working with our personal power and working within nature.

At the end of the weekend, a grounding in the method of the journey and confidence to bring this as spiritual support for your everyday life will be with you to work with and practice as you wish.

Please contact to book cost of the weekend including lunches is £120 and a £50 deposit is asked for on booking, if you have any questions please contact me.


Day workshop July 6th 10am/5pm cost £60 including lunch.

Altars bring a strong support to our spiritual practice. They create holding, focus and bring power as well as inviting us to open to the sacredness of life. Creating an altar is a creative and fun process in itself with personal learning and growth from the making of our altar.

Alters can be large or small. This workshop which is fully experiential offers a day to make our own dedicated personal altars for whatever our need as well as looking at creating them out with the land. We will explore how to connect and work with them to deepen and support our personal connection with the sacred.

Open to all that wish to work with Altars, at the end of our day together you will leave with many ideas and possibilities for bringing this powerful yet simple creative practice into your own life.


 9 month journey of creating partnership and friendship with the trees

9 month course starting Saturday 28th September 2019 10am/5pm. Opening workshop is a practical orientation day for working with trees in a deep respectful and listening way. Each workshop gives a full day to deepen our connection and partnerships with the trees of our land with ongoing support and practices to engage with in-between gatherings.

Trees like humans stand vertical to the earth and hold sovereignty as guardians of the land, magnificent beings that have stood on our earth for over 370 million years.

If we can deepen into connection and trust their guidance, we will allow ourselves to be shaped by nature itself moving into an animistic and honourable relationship with our living earth just as our ancestors once did, a vital task for this time.

This process takes us deeper into our own nature and as a result we become more of what we are and open to our purpose here with the earth. Trees have been on our earth for such an age witnessing the comings and goings and as a result they hold extraordinary wisdom and knowledge.

These monthly workshops that can be taken as a full course or individually focus on building relationships with the trees.

  • Gain personal experience and open to an animistic encounter with our earth.
  • Learn practices to grow relationships with the spirit of the trees for healing guidance and a deeper connection with yourself as nature
  • Learn some of the traditional Celtic stories of the trees and listen to what the trees are sharing with us today.

To support us to grow our relationships with the trees, no shamanic experience is needed just a openness to working in a deep way with our tree companions. We will be working with drum journeys, meditations, the act of pilgramdige, creative processes, blessings and offerings, movement, storytelling and time on our land with the trees.

This is an invitation to a deeper relationship with yourself nature and our earth, in the hope we may come to experience this as all one thing. The trees are wise companions in this reconnection to life.

Working with 8 of the trees of this land each month we will focus on one tree in depth and detail. You will be given practices and projects to carry out away from the workshop to deepen your experiences as well as ongoing support in your journey with the trees.

Orientation Day- 28th September 2019 10am/5pm working with trees practically and spiritually an animistic approach.

We then work with the individual trees of our land moving through the winter and out to the spring.

Oak 26th October 2019, Hawthorn 30th November 2019, Rowan 21st December, Scots Pine 25th January 2020, Hazel 22nd February 2020, Willow 21st March, Birch April 18th 2020, Elder May 16th 2020. All workshops run from 10/5pm.

Cost for all 9 workshops £430 or early booking reduced to £380 if paid before 9th August 2019. Workshops can be taken individually at a cost of £60. Fee includes lunch and refreshment’s, materials and includes a 25% donation to a charity supporting tree regeneration.