Sacred Activism


We live in a time when our world needs compassionate healing and wise support,  the way we are treating each other and the natural world as a society is not sustainable, so what can we in the spiritual community do to help?

This work of “sacred activism” using ceremony and shamanic methods helps us deepen into an earth-centered way of looking at issues that we are collectively facing and to find solutions from a spiritual perspective.

We do this in a considerd and ethical way in partnership with spirit so that we are clear our actions support all life. I see shamanism offering a new hope and vision for individuals as well as our society as a whole for as we change everything around us changes also, it does not seem possible to have one with out the other.

The purpose of these events are to find inspiration for us to act, to bring healing and transformation, as well as creating a community that supports us.  Each of the events below brings us deeper into a sacred relationship with ourselves as an expression of nature. From this place of personal insight we hold a vision for what can become and offer this out to manifest.

No experience is needed, your open heart and mind with a willingness are all you are asked to bring. All events can be attended in person or participated at a distance and all events are free to attend;

please contact me for further information.


Upcoming dates Thursday 17th January 2019 at 7pm

“There is no better “manager” of nature than nature itself”

The disconnect from nature that is felt by so many while not being our fault, is our responsibility to heal and reconnect with. Why do I say this? This dissconnect brings with it so many of the problems we are facing as a society today we are living in a fractured society if we look around on one level this is seems quite clear.

However in “natures sovereighty” we aim to drop into a deeper level of connection and If we can then expereince ourselves as nature and that we are off the earth itself, related and connected with all life, what kind of world would that be?

This has been a lived experience for humans many eons ago, however if our kind have lived this in the past then this wisdom exists within us today, and may well be the power that is leading many at this time and in so many ways to seek and live this again.

This event is a opening to experience this homecoming though not as it was for our ancient ancestors but drawing on the power of their inherant wisdom we use this to guide us to our own connection effective for now and our modern world within the sanctuary of our wild and free nature.

How do we expereince ourselves as nature as one with the earth?  How do we live our everyday life as nature in the times that we live in? How can we serve ourselves and our communites from this place? Who am I when in my power? These questions and many more are explored in this ongoing journey of homecoming.

Vigils to and of the Earth

Vernal Equinox March 20th 7:30pm-10pm (Shorter Vigil)

These ceremonies are held over 24 hours, start in the evening at 7pm and work through to the following evening you are invited to attend for the whole duration of this or for a part of this time.

We work with the energy of the time of year and traditional ways for this time as we step deeper into becoming nature. Following our Celtic ancestors we work with the Autumn Equinox, where we honor and work with the element of Water, Winter Solstice with Earth, the Spring Equinox with Air and Summer Solstice with Fire completing the circle of the year.

We spend our time in ceremony and practice, with the drum song and with movement, as well as time out on the land, as we follow the flow of the ceremony as it leads us. Held within our intention of coming back into balance and harmony within ourselves and the time of the year in natures world.

Dates are generally around the solstice and equinox time please contact for details and practicalities.

Bee Alchemy Ceremony

Upcoming dates Friday 1st Febuary 2019 at 7pm

The world of the bee hive is described as a “super organism” where each individual bee works for the collective group of bees. Shamanic cultures understand this wisdom for humans and we have much to learn from the bees as a result.

This ceremony both honours the Bee and how they shape our world as well as opening us to seek learning from the Bees. We use shamanic methods to develop a partnership with the spirit of the Bees where their wisdom is gifted in how we can develop our own mind of the hive moving into a more connected and relationship of integrity with all life.

Visioning Circles

Upcoming Dates Thursday 7th Febuary  2019 at 7pm

“Once something is held in our thoughts and then spoken it exists”

Holding a vision for a world that upholds peace, respect and compassion for all life is a important practice for the times we live in. We are so often fed negative and violent images and words this work brings a balance to this hypnosis and opens us up to a new possibilities.

Working in a intentional and sacred circle brings power to our visions. We work within deep silence and with focus as we bring out our desires and hopes. From this silence we contemplate and give voice for the world we wish to live in both for ourselves our families, communities and the generations yet to come.

This simple practice brings a new hope into the world and supports us so we have the courage to live this in our own lives and be the very change we wish for in the world.